Sharing the goodness of Jesus – Vicar’s weekly thought

Sharing the goodness of Jesus

We hear that beautiful passage from 1 Corinthians 13 today about Love. I put that with a capital ‘L’ because St Paul is writing not just about love, but the source of Love. Through a life of many struggles he writes elsewhere how he has become totally convinced that nothing can separate
us from the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.[1] So Paul is describing something of the depths of that love, what it looks like, how it is. Read verses 4-7 for yourself and see which element of love speaks to you……! St John actually says ‘God is Love’ [2], and also that ‘we love because God first loved us [’3] . Have you discovered something of just how much God loves you!

This is true, however little we love Him!4 Today we will hear about the heart of those who had the vision for the Shoebox Campaign, now running across the world. It came out of those people’s own experience of the love of Jesus Christ, and they saw it as a simple way of
sharing something of that immense love. There have been objections, why do this in Christ’s name? Surely just do such things – the same is said about many things Christians do. Why we should not speak of the source of Love itself is a bit of a mystery to me! Not the source of violence, or unkindness, or hatred, or false news. I know I want that source in my life,
‘cos without it I am pretty weak. Faith in the greatness of His love takes me forward every day, like a spring of water from within. Will you not only join in the Shoebox campaign but turn to the Lord of Love today.

1 Read Romans 8.35-39 for yourself 2 1 John 4.8 3 1 John 4.19 4 Romans 5.6-8