So many dead ends! – Vicar’s Weekly Thought

So many dead ends!

I wanted to finish our 24(!) week series with the question ‘What if you’ve a ‘failed’ relationship with God?’

I’m aware many of the subjects and issues we’ve covered have the potential to leave you feeling, “I can’t be like that”, or “other Christians are better than me”, or just a plain failure!! You know it’s endemic to human beings, we all feel like that sometimes, even if we’re confident some of the time! The truth is, God our loving Heavenly Father wants to forgive us all things, and the reality is, through the Cross of Jesus, his blood spilt, we can indeed be forgiven everything. This is not so we can just say “I’m forgiven”, but so we can gain a confidence in our Father’s exceptional love for us, walk forward with hope with a sense of who we are in God’s eyes, and bring that love to others with joy. Sadly the voices are many that say it cannot be like that. We need to do this, do that, to achieve this, to achieve that to be loved, to be ‘good enough’ people. We may even (rare, but possible) become confident, do what we set out to do, one day only for it to slip through our fingers! These voices are around us every day – and they all lead to a dead end! There is only one safe place, only one place to truly flourish and grow as human beings (made in the image of God), and that is to walk into, discover, practice living with, the truth of our Heavenly Father’s love for each of us His children.