Stir up Sunday – Vicar’s weekly thought for 25th Nov

Stir up Sunday

I hope you feel stirred up! Stirred up by all the sharing of the tougher stuff over the last 4 weeks, from All Saints through Remembrance to today’s theme: ‘Christ the King’. We serve the King of a Kingdom which is everlasting and shall never fail, which is founded on Christ – through his blood shed for us on the Cross for our freedom and forgiveness, and through his resurrection opening to us ‘a new and life-giving way’[1] . He is the Son of the ‘Ancient of Days’, and ‘His Kingdom will never be destroyed’[2] . But he is also the holder of truth [3]. Truth is a vital thing. Truth has the power to shine into the darkest of corners, to bring freedom, and
release us into walking the way of Christ whatever is happening around us. Let us encourage each other in his truth, under the hand and care of the King. Oh, and yes, if you have vague memories of the phrase ‘Stir up Sunday’ it comes from the traditional Anglican prayer for the Sunday before Advent starts. It’s when people turned their thoughts to stirring up their Christmas puddings (do come this Friday and do just that!). May we be reminded today to stir each other up to love and serve the King of kings!
[1] Hebrews 10.20 [2] Daniel 7.9 & 14 [3] John 18.37