Struggling on through – Vicar’s weekly thought

Struggling on through Times can be hard – in our jobs when unfair things are laid upon us, in the pressures of coping with family life and earn a living, or just doing our daily work at home when no-one seems to care or notice. It does feel we are in such a season in our times perhaps? Things are loaded on us (heh Masters – you are called by God to be fair! [1] ). So, how do we press on through all this? Keep a heart that is true to the Lord through thick and thin (note even Moses struggled to do this! [2] ) And, with the story of the prodigal son (and his elder brother) it is well worth reflecting on how all this affects our young people. Questions like – should I slog away dutifully, or do something else? You may end up cleaning out the muck (‘cos you needed money somehow). But look, in the end the most important thing we need to know and keep close to, younger and older, is the Father’s heart of love for us. It is the same heart wherever we end up – note how the father begged the elder son to come in to the party, just as he welcomed the son home [3] . There is one who wants to keep us safe, and our young people can trust Him to guide them too. Those of any age who keep close to the Father’s heart will shine somehow. We will receive our reward from Him in the end, and indeed Jesus called his disciples to so let their good deeds shine before others, so they will praise His Heavenly Father too.[4]

[1] Colossians 4.1;  [2] Exodus 5.22-23;    [3] Luke 15.28;  [4] Matt 5.16