Sunday 11th April Service on YouTube

Hello to all for this Sunday – the 2nd one of Easter
Our worship tomorrow is under the heading ‘Afraid, and not believing’ and covers the famous Easter story of ‘doubting’ Thomas.
We have Archdeacon Adrian speaking again, which is really great!

Here’s the link:     It’s 46 minutes long this week .

It will be posted at 9.30 am as usual. This online service continues as our main act of worship until Ascension Sunday May 16th, when we hope as many as can will be able to return to physically be at Church.
We are, however, holding short services at Church at 10.30 am at the moment for those who want to come. We have a safe capacity of 35 but after last week we don’t think we need to run a booking system for now.

For children,here’s the link to Virtual Sunday School for this week:

And for youth, it doesn’t seem there’s anything from St Luke’s this week as Eden and his helpers are probably taking a post-Easter break themselves

My love and prayers