Sunday 12th November – Remembrance – Vicar’s thought

Our fears are many

We all have fears! Some are minor, although everyday insecurities can be the worst! Some fears may be more major, and cause significant disruption. We live in a world where we currently seem more panicked by our fears, both in-dividually and as nations. The trouble is fear can cause trouble! We react, we get aggressive, or we simply withdraw.

Fears may rather hold us back, or at worst paralyze us! Writing this I certainly don’t want to generate more fear of course!! But today, Remembrance Sunday, we do rightly take time to remember together the fears of our world – including some who still suffer as a result of losing a loved one and all that still means, or as a consequence of what they have been through themselves. I recently heard someone ask a really good question: ‘Is God in a panic about this?’1 You may feel God is distant – so what does he care anyway? But today, we gather in a Christian Church to proclaim that God cares far more than we possibly know. We come to bring our fears to Him, to the One who loves us, and every human being in our world, loves us far more than we know. They person said, ‘Fear destroys the love that inspires dreams’[1] . That is to say the opposite of fear is not lack of fear, but love. As St John memorably wrote, ‘God is love’ [2] . St Paul also wrote (after listing many trials he’d been through), ‘I am convinced that nothing can
ever separate us from God’s love…. nothing in all creation…. the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.’ [3] We centre our worship around Psalm 46 today, which sings, ‘There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High.’ [4] Today, as we pray for others, may you also find His river of life that washes away your fears, a river that makes you glad.

[1] Gary Haugen – International Justice Mission [2] 1 John 4.16 [3] Romans 8.38-39 [4] Psalm 46.4

Sunday 12th November – Remembrance
9 am Special Remembrance (Communion)

(Bacon Butties in the Hall from 9.45 am – please use Hall Entrance)

10.30 am Remembrance Parade with All-Age Activities
Please note Scouts Parade gathers in Sandpits at 10 am