Sunday 21st Service on YouTube

Hello again all with love in Christ,
Our worship tomorrow is based around the question: When have you been most upset by an injustice, and how did you think you should respond?

It’s great to have Archdeacon Adrian speaking, on ‘a woman accused of adultery’ – how she was treated by the religious leaders, but far more importantly by Jesus!

Here’s the link: and as usual the service will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow. It’s 47 minutes long this week.

Please see the end of this email for the links mentioned in the service about support for the new Food Pantry at St Martin’s Gardens, and ‘Remembering Together’, a service at Bath Abbey on Wednesday evening7 pm to remember those we’ve lost since the 1st lockdown started a year ago.
The invite to Zoom Coffee for 11.30 am is also on the end of this email – do join us if you can, and invite others too.

For children,here’s the link to Virtual Sunday School for this week:

It’s a year since they started and they’re looking back at some highlights, plus doing a new bit on ‘Not Hiding our Light…..’

Also attached are the children’s resource sheets for tomorrow. They begin to get children thinking about the coming Good Friday and Easter Sunday (plus a colouring sheet)

And for youth, there’s a new video for this week from St Luke’s Bath, on ‘How can we still worship while we can’t sing in church?’ – interesting stuff! Here’s the link:

Plus a drawing challenge with a guy called ‘Ed’ – again, here’s the link: the Lord be with you,

links mentioned at the end of the service:

St Martin’s Garden Food Pantry – This is a joint venture with Sporting Family Change and Saint Philip’s and St James’ Odd Down, with the close involvement of one of our worshipper’s ‘lovely sister’! It’d be great to give support to get this off the ground.
‘Remembering Together’, a service at Bath Abbey on Wednesday evening 7 pm to remember those we’ve lost since the 1st lockdown started a year ago. A poster giving details is attached. You need to access the Bath Abbey YouTube channel at It’s organized by Narinder Tegally, the RUH Lead Chaplain, and Bishop Ruth will be speaking. It’s for anyone who has lost a loved one over the last year, not just through Covid, but for any reason as funerals and thanksgivings have been so difficult and the hope is remembering together will help. Do pass this on if you know anyone who might appreciate this