Sunday 25th April Service on YouTube

Hello again with tomorrow’s worship information (plus info on the next few weeks at the end)
We continue ‘The Jesus story’ theme, with tomorrow’s worship under the heading: ‘Healed – by the man who you crucified, but whom God raised from the dead’. The question put out to you was  ‘Have you been healed by Jesus?’, and honestly what you’ll hear is wonderful.

Here’s the link:

It’s 44 minutes long this week, and will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow.

And we have a short service at Church at 10.30 am tomorrow and as I said last week we are not running a booking system for now as numbers seem OK for our ‘Covid’ capacity of 35.

For children, Virtual Sunday School is back – here is the link: It looks great fun as ever.

For youth, Eden St Luke’s youth worker is back with one of his very special videos…. this week on the question: Is it bad that I don’t feel or experience God like others do? Here’s the link:

My love and prayers in Christ


  • Sunday 2nd May – there will be a simple service in church at 10.30 am led by Clare Hudson. There will be no recorded service on line as Margaret and I are having a Sunday off (for the first time since Christmas)

Sunday 9th May – will be back to what we have been doing for many weeks, with the main worship pre-recorded online to YouTube, and a short service in church at 10.30 am

Ascension Sunday May 16th (what a day for this to happen!) – if PCC give the go ahead this week, we will be welcoming all who want to come back to church. We haven’t yet agreed how many services, times, whether you’ll need to book etc. but will obviously let you know what is decided! We hope to live-stream the worship so those still at home can view it as it happens, but don’t yet know if it’ll be recorded as well. Pre-recorded services would then come to an end. Pray it will be possible and wonderful – the stars from Christmas are still hanging as we felt it would be good to have them there for the day we returned as a sign of Hope in Christ for our new beginnings..