Temptations! – This weeks -10th March- Vicar’s thought


This doesn’t sound like very good news! Deserts and wilderness, trial through lack of food and drink (or anything else for that matter!), penetrating temptations that are hard to resist! Our modern world prefers not to think about these things, we just want a peaceful life without
discomfort. The trouble is, there’s a bit of a fight on, or sometimes more than a bit! But watch what Jesus does, what he says as he replies to the devil: ‘People do not live by bread alone’; ‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him’; ‘You must not test the Lord your God.’
We’ll unpack those replies a bit today, but they speak of a different way – a way of truth, compassion, and of a different Kingdom where love, justice and mercy are everything (and a Kingdom that we pray may come). And all Jesus’ replies are from His Father in Heaven’s heart, indeed direct from Scripture. I know deep down which I prefer, what I really want in my life
and heart, ways that are really Good News. How about you?