The Great ‘I Am’ – Vicar’s weekly thought

The Great ‘I Am’

We begin our new autumn series today, listening to all the great ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus. These are not just interesting things to listen to, but windows on the true and indeed cosmic identity of Jesus. We start with Moses and his own encounter with the great ‘I Am’. He had fled Egypt and his palace upbringing, spending years in the desert shepherding with his father-in-law’s nomadic family. He did know his true identity somewhere inside, as one of God’s people, but God suddenly woke him up, telling Moses ‘His Name’ – the holy God of his fathers telling him who he really is! His Name translates as ‘I Am Who I Am’, or just ‘I Am’! So when Jesus says ‘I am, the Light of the World, or the Bread of Life and so on, he is not just saying interesting things about himself. He is actually claiming to be the great ‘I Am’ – indeed today we hear him simply say, ‘Before Abraham was, I Am’! [1] When Jesus said that in his day, people got very cross,  perhaps a few sacred cows got trampled on?……and once it is understood, perhaps people in our day too might get cross at such a claim ……?

But Jesus was also, in some ways, very gentle with what he says about himself. He is Son of the Father who truly sets people free. As we explore all that Jesus said he is, I do hope you will discover the real truth that sets you free, and that we as a Church here in Oldfield Park may increasingly look like a Church that ministers the truth about Jesus and leads people into the freedom found only in Christ – who is ‘the same
yesterday, today, and forever’ [2]

1 John 8.58
2 Hebrews 13.8