The lives we’d love to lead! – Vicar’s weekly thought

The lives we’d love to lead!

On Pentecost Sunday we had the opportunity to be prayed with at 5 different ‘stations’ for areas of our life we know we needs God’s help to grow in – things like forgiveness, peace. The most ‘popular’ one was for patience! Interesting! Talking with many of you, I know how many of us
basically struggle with what’s going on inside of us, and are all too aware of how what’s going on there has an effect on those around us – often not a good one! I guess we’d love to lead lives where we are happier in our own skin, and certainly not just for our own sakes. So in our theme for today, ‘Growing the fruit of the Spirit, e.g. patience & kindness’ we will seek the Lord’s help to discern how to walk with Him in a good way, and learn to grow with Him ‘from the inside out’. As Jesus walked with his 1st disciples on earth, they found this quite a hard task, but His joy over them as they discovered his Father’s grace was beautiful, and in the end it bore much fruit. As Jesus says in today’s Gospel from St John, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is that you may have life exceeding what you can imagine.”[1] That about gets it in my book!

[1] John 10.10