The Meek & The Hungry – what part can they possibly play?! _ Vicar’s weekly thought 21st Oct

The Meek & The Hungry – what part can they possibly play?!

‘The Kingdom of God is justice and joy’ – so we sing! How can we say that, where is God’s justice we may often ask? And what part can the humble and meek possibly play in bringing God’s justice and righteousness into our world?

Let’s look to see how Jesus did it, He who was gentle, but also spoke the truth without wavering, even to those in authority. Some countries ban the Bible, because it is revolutionary. In it the humble and meek speak powerfully – indeed the mighty ignore the truth of Christ at their peril. For our part we continue to serve this Kingdom, which is not of this world but touches this  world. As Jesus said, “He who would be greatest in the Kingdom of God must be the servant of all” [1] And when we do see God’s justice, his works, his actions among us it is an amazing thing – compassion for those in need, reconciliation between people and even communities, debts cancelled, offenders brought to justice but also forgiveness, or just answers to prayers we didn’t think possible, it is a remarkable thing indeed. It feels like we’ve inherited the whole earth, that we know with God we will be deeply satisfied. No wonder we pray, as our Saviour taught us, ‘Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven’. [2]

[1] Mark 10.43-45    [2] Matthew 6.10