‘The time of the Lord’s favour has come’ – Vicar’s weekly thought

‘The time of the Lord’s favour has come’

Jesus invited his disciples to come and walk with him in his daily life, to see how it he did it. How he did what? Brought the Kingdom of his Father, His light and love, among us on earth. What he brought was special, freeing, healing, releasing, restoring…. hopefully you’ve heard the stories
of Jesus’ daily mission yourself! They are full of hope and good things many would not have believed possible. I love the line in today’s reading from Luke (as Jesus starts his ministry): ‘The time of the Lord’s favour has come’.[1] Well Jesus invites his present day disciples to both receive the Lord’s favour into our own lives, and to spread that favour around us in our daily lives too. There’s a line in an old hymn, ‘I love to do the things you do’. That line has a humility and gentleness to it. We need humility to believe in and receive the love of God for each of us (yes even you), and to move through our daily lives inviting God to release the same favour and grace around us. We certainly need to be, as Jesus was described, ‘filled with Holy Spirit’s power’, we cannot strive to do this on our own. But there is much need both in ourselves and out there around us. It is on the frontlines of our daily lives that God’s grace is so needed.
Jesus called us the salt, the light, the yeast in our world. Let us listen again to what Jesus set about in his daily mission, and pray that we may have the grace ‘to do the things you do’ ourselves following in His footsteps.
[1] Luke 4.19