There is only One Good Shepherd – Vicar’s weekly thought

There is only One Good Shepherd

Let us not be fainthearted. There truly is only One to whom we can go for freedom and life. God had promised in the Old Testament that one day he would come and tend his sheep himself. He would search for the lost ones, would ‘bandage the injured and strengthen the weak’, while those who thought they were well fed and powerful would be brought low – for we all need this One, the Good Shepherd, whoever we are. And it’s quite straightforward actually, the ways of Jesus are the ways to a simplicity and joy in life, for he made us and cares for us. Other voices, and there are plenty, end up robbing and destroying us. How much of your life goes the way of Jesus? Jesus said he came to give us life in all its ‘abundance’. The original word means beyond reasonable measure – which I translate as life ‘beyond the measure we think is possible’! The difficult thing of course is to discern the voice of Jesus, to hear the Good Shepherd’s direction, and then to walk that way despite the call of other voices. We need to listen to the voice of his Holy Spirit calling us his way and follow his commands in our life choices and responses. My experience is that the life the Good Shepherd then brings is indeed beyond what we thought is possible!