This week’s Vicar’s thought 21st July

Today we start our new series on 1 Peter. Peter specially highlights the great themes of the Christian gospel, It is a letter full of certainty about our inheritance and our home, pointing us to the day when Christ will be revealed in glory and reminding us that ‘the end of all things is near’, but in doing so he is concerned that we also live the life of heaven here and now. We should have our eyes on the horizon, but our boots on our feet!

Living Hope that gives great encouragement and joy

By ‘hope’ Peter does not mean something we merely wish for, or would like to happen in the future. It is much more definite than that. It is our inheritance – our new birthright -preserved for us and indestructible. The hope is of eternal life with God, made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus. It takes real faith to focus on this hope when we are going through periods of struggle and difficulty. Peter is so aware that Christians may well have to face all kinds of sorrow, yet believes this need not defeat our faith; it can refine it. Peter encourages us to trust in Jesus and to ‘rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy’. [1]

[1]1 Peter 1.8