To believe or not to believe….. Vicar’s weekly thought 13th Oct

To believe or not to believe…..

Now there’s an interesting thing, ‘the angel of the Lord came and sat beneath the great tree at Ophrah…..’, well I’d be interested anyway!

He’s come and is waiting to speak to Gideon son of Joash (he of the putting out of the fleece to test the Lord, if you know the story). Gideon is going to be called to rescue the people of Israel from under ‘the Midianites’ who are continually harassing the people of God; and Gideon (called Mighty Hero by the angel – “yea right!” he may think) is undoubtedly going to doubt whether this is at all possible, and certainly whether he’s the man for the job.

And then there’s ‘doubting’ Thomas, who despite all the other disciples saying they’d seen the Risen Lord that first Easter, famously says, “I won’t believe it unless I see for myself the nail wounds in his hands…..” And like Gideon’s angel, the Lord Jesus comes to see Thomas. Jesus has heard what Thomas has said…… Both men are finally persuaded and set off to do the very things the Lord is calling them too – Gideon to free the people from the Midianites, Thomas by tradition to bring the Good News of Jesus to the people of India. I find this very encouraging. The Lord knows us doubts and all, he knows who we are, how we are, what makes us tick – and it doesn’t put him off! No, He comes, explains, calls, says have faith in Me after all, and that’s OK with him. Yes, as Jesus finishes by saying to Thomas, “You’ve seen me and believed, but blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” But he comes to bless and use those of us who doubt too – in spades!