‘To guide our feet into the way of Peace’ The Vicar’s Christmas (and New Year!) thought

The Vicar’s Christmas (and New Year!) thought ‘

…..to guide our feet into the way of Peace’ [1]

This Advent at Ascension we have been speaking of our longings – for many things, for joy, hope, love, truth. As we come to Christmas, and indeed think of our ‘steps’ into the new year beyond, we turn our thoughts to our longing for peace – and celebrate the coming of the One who was called ‘The Prince of Peace’ [2] . The thing is, many have not only longed for, but through faith in Him have found the Christ-child to be the source of deepest peace. Over Christmas we’ll read about the ‘light in the darkness’, the one who is called the ‘Morning Star’, dawning with new hope for our lives. Glory be to God in the Highest for this Good News, which the angel said to the lowly shepherds, was ‘for all the people’. But my particular prayer for everyone who hears this good news this Christmas, is that you will find the ‘steps’ God himself is guiding you to take as you travel on from here. That you may discover the faithfulness and love of the Prince of Peace who really does want to guide you into his deep peace, whatever life throws at you. Will you listen to His voice, take the steps he is asking of you, and discover for yourself by putting faith in Him that this is no empty promise? The Lord God himself is calling out, and wants ‘….. to guide your feet into the way of Peace’. [1] Luke 1.79 [2] Isaiah 9.6