Vicar’s Weekly Thought – Christians against Poverty (CAP)

Christians against Poverty (CAP)

Today we welcome Jane White from CAP’s Bristol Centre, at the very moment when we reach the line ‘Give us today our daily bread’ in our Sunday series on the Lord’s prayer. People (we!) have all kinds of needs.
Today CAP will fill us in on one of the often hidden needs of our day – debt, overwhelming debt. Many suffer alone and in silence, but the need to be free from debt is the most real thing in their (perhaps your?) life – the ‘bread’ that is most needed if they are to be restored to life. Now
Jesus had a lot to say about bread! We all remember the feeding of the 5,000 where suddenly there was enough bread to go round. But, as we approach Lent, you may also remember Jesus in the wilderness being tempted to turn stones into bread. What was his reply? ‘Man shall not live by bread alone……’[1] (please see if you can complete the sentence for yourself!). Look,
I don’t want to pretend getting the ‘bread’ we need is easy, but Jesus does robustly point the way – and it always involves calling on our Father  in heaven’s help, deliberately including Him in the equation. For as Jesus also said, ‘your Heavenly Father already knows all your needs before you ask’ [2]. And more than that, as we read today in His own teaching on the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus calls us to persistence, a kind of holy boldness – Jesus says keep knocking on God’s door and the door will be opened to you. As Christians we are called to keep knocking on God’s door for his help for those we pray for and want to help (out of debt or whatever), as well as for ourselves. May the Lord fill you with his strength and persistence to join the battle!

[1] Matthew 4.4 [2] Matthew 6.32