Vicar’s weekly thought for 14th Jan

‘Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name….’

Today we begin a short series of talks on ’the Lord’s Prayer’.
It is a simple question that one disciple thought to ask Jesus, “Lord, how
should we pray?”[1]…..Jesus’ answer takes us straight to his own heart, and
opens a window on the centre of what he says we should pray for when
we come close to our Father, when no-one else is looking! Jesus teaches
us the core fundamentals of what we need to pray for in our lives as we
listen to our Father when we’re seeking to live for Him.
We listen afresh to these instructions of Jesus on how to pray at a time
when we are praying:
– about our future steps together here at Ascension
– God’s calling to each of us
– for those He is calling out to in His love in this community.
And so we begin, ‘Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy…..’[2]
Let’s go there in our deepest heart prayers today, as we pray those few
[1] Luke 11.1 [2] Matthew 6.9