Vicar’s weekly thought for 2nd Feb

Jesus – come for us

We read today of a special moment – when Mary & Joseph bring the baby Jesus up to present him to the Lord, indeed to dedicate him, in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. You may see yourself in the story we read, for there are people of all sorts there: the older generations, the parents, the tiny child…, the rich, the poor (Mary & Joseph bring the least expensive sacrifice as they can’t afford more). And why special? I’ve been asking myself that question. Perhaps because God is not seen, but is holy and with us nonetheless; perhaps because he has different people’s lives in his hands, even if they and we don’t understand. But above all because Jesus is come, brought by the faith of his parents yes, but as a gift to all of us – God with us, offering himself for us. Now, thinking honestly, do you find it easier to give or to receive? Truth be told most of us often find it more difficult to receive than to give! And yes, we will ask you today what you feel you can offer to the Lord of yourself; but in the first place Jesus has come for you so will also ask if you will receive from him – for he still longs to give to us, even if we find that harder. Yes, what we give to him delights him, but His gifts to us are treasures beyond measure, given at great cost by him, the Lord of love.