Walking in prayer – for others – Vicar’s weekly thought

‘Relating to God – Relating to Others’ [3]

Walking in prayer – for others

‘The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of earth, to see if there is anyone who is wise and seeks after God.’

In our new preaching series, where we seek to go deeper in our relationship with God, we thought last week about ‘Listening to God’ – turning our attention to Him. This week, we bring the same question of depth to the way we might pray more deeply for others. Prayer becomes a matter of justice in the end – we cry out to God for others! And as Jesus said, ‘Don’t you think God will give justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night?’ Well, how do you pray, how do you walk in faith for others? Do you cry out on their behalf? And where is our faith that God indeed hears such prayers? And if we do not pray, who will? In his letters, St Paul greets every Church to whom he writes with thanks for them, listing his prayers for them (he seems to pray night and day!). We hear today his prayers for the Church in Colossae (near Honaz in modern day Turkey). Just hear the detail of his joy at their faith, expectation, hope, love for others, and the fruitfulness as they see other’s lives changed as well as their own. Paul recognizes these things as the cumulative outcome of prayer, long term deep prayer – prayer which he walks with them, and in which he encourages them to walk with those around them. Will you continue to walk deeply in prayer for others, whatever their need, however long it takes?