Walking in Prayer – with the Lord – Vicar’s weekly thought

Walking in Prayer – with the Lord

‘You are the potter, I am the clay’

A few weeks ago we had a Sunday on Walking in Prayer – ‘for others’. We focused on what it is to pray, to intercede for other people – long term and short term. This is something we are called to do as Christians, as many of us understand, and is our joy! Our sister theme today is Walking in Prayer – ‘with the Lord’. To relate well to others, we need to relate deeply to God. We sing, ‘You are the potter, I am the clay’, which then continues ‘help me to be willing to let you have your way.’ There is nothing more shaping, more moulding that walking closely with our Lord of love! In such prayer our thirsts are expressed, our personal longings understood, our callings and purposes discerned, he shows us His way [1] .

Jesus instructed his disciples to go and pray ‘shutting the door behind you’. He encouraged them saying our Father in heaven sees everything, and in that secret place ‘knows everything we need even before we ask Him’ [2] . This is a wonderful thing. St Paul too assured the Christians he wrote to in Rome, ‘We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. [3] ’ Ask any long-term Christian and they will tell you – it has been that walking in prayer with the Lord, holding themselves and all things before him, that has shaped and moulded them most. Newer Christians can rapidly discover it too as the Holy Spirit sheds light on their lives – it can be, as they say, quite a revelation! This is all good. Let us draw near to God and, as St James says, He will draw near you. [4] As the traditional collect for today says, ‘Stir up, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people….’. May we be stirred up today walk in prayer with Christ who is our King!

1 Read Psalm 63 for instance

2 Matthew 6.8

3 Romans 8.28

4  James 4.8