We are in this together. – Vicar’s weekly thought 23rd Sept

We are in this together.

It has been good to hear a number of people’s replies in the last few Sunday mornings to the question ‘What will you be doing at 10 am on Monday morning?’ We are called to support, pray for and affirm each other as Christians in our daily lives and workplaces. In those places we all face struggles, have ‘enemies’; but also have callings to be gracious, generous and forgiving, to walk with integrity and to pray for those around us – perhaps especially our ‘enemies’ (who else will pray for them if not you!?). Ask Christ to change your heart to be like his, and pray for your brothers and sisters too, that we may all ‘conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ’ God loves you greatly as you set out to live your lives for Him, but He also ‘makes the sun shine on the righteous and the wicked alike’ (often misquoted!). In other words, he loves the guy next to you just as much! You may feel this a lot to ask, but the Lord longs to give you his Holy Spirit to help in all this.

1 Philippians 1.27     Matthew 5.45