We sat down to speak – This weeks Vicar’s thought

We sat down to speak

I don’t know why you’ve come here today?

There may be many reasons.

But Jesus comes to sit down and speak with each of us ‘beside the well’ – that is the well where fresh water was drawn in the ordinary daily lives of the people of the village he was passing through.

Jesus has many discussions with the woman at that well – listen to the fascinating story of how it all pans out! He famously offered her ‘living water’, the sort of water which satisfies our deepest thirsts as human beings (a very appropriate thought as we all witness the flowing waters of Baptism today!!). And please note – no-one is debarred from being offered this ‘living water’ by Jesus. This woman had a very chequered past you might say, with 5 husbands and now living with a man who wasn’t her husband – gosh! He called her, and he calls anyone who will drink of His living water, to believe in and follow Him. To become a worshipper ‘in spirit and in truth’. And Jesus said, the time is not just coming but is here now! Whoever you are, as Jesus sits down with you today, will you set out and form a lasting relationship with this man Jesus? And like the woman at that well, others will join us too, indeed are already here ready to worship Him.