We too are a mixture of joy and fear – Vicar’s weekly thought for Easter

We too are a mixture of joy and fear

The children from the Junior School all jumped in shock at the surprise sound of the stone rolling away, as it boomed through the church at their Easter Assembly. Not surprising! We’ll hear from Matthew’s telling of the story of the Resurrection morning how, after meeting an angel and finding the tomb of Jesus empty, the women ran away ‘very frightened but also filled with great joy” [1] . Many were frightened that day, but Jesus then met the women and said, “Don’t be afraid! But go and tell….”[1] . Anyone who has met Jesus, encountered Him for themselves, knows that their fears, questions and struggles may well come to the surface there and then. But equally have discovered that His power, love and restoration are equal to all that, indeed much greater than our fears – and that too is often a surprise, something we weren’t expecting! It’s not commonly known really! Yes, Jesus died on the Cross for our forgiveness and reconciliation to our Heavenly Father, but He also rose again conquering even death, the last enemy. He is Lord, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord. When the Lord meets us, we discover he really is Lord of everything. And, as the women did that morning, we too fall at His feet and worship Him.

[1] Matthew 28.8, 10