What a Ceilidh!

What a Ceilidh! 

The Jumping Chickens

‘Twas a cold winter’s night, and we came in, young and old… to the warm, to dancing, to live music, to a feast! We hope you can imagine! A few said, “Oh I wasn’t sure I’d come out, but I’m so glad I did”. The ‘Jumping Chickens’ 3-some treated us to many a jig, there were circle dances, line dances, weaving dances – all called by the calm caller Robert (not the Vicar!). Then we went through to the hall where someone said it felt like a banquet – warm food, much chat, tables laid (including some lovely new check table-cloths). Great stuff. Come again ‘Jumping Chickens’! We hope you’ll come again, or for the first time, next time!

Dancing the Night away

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