What a hope for our world! – Vicar’s weekly thought

What a hope for our world!

Jesus said, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life”[1] Because of Jesus’ Cross and resurrection from the grip of death we have a hope to share with our world that is truly amazing. Many in our day know Christians believe in heaven, life after death, but dismiss it as ‘pie in the sky’, or at least just the thing a few weirdos still believe (except at their own family funerals when suddenly almost everybody seems to believe it!). But Jesus said that God is ‘the God of the living, not the dead’ [2]. This is a powerful statement worth delving into…. Jesus is not just the Resurrection but the Life too. He seems to bring the life and hope of heaven everywhere He goes, right into our everyday lives, very much here on earth (I always loved the Christian Aid slogan ‘We believe in life before death’!). It is a ‘serious error’[2] says Jesus to think that God only reveals himself or deals with us when we ‘get to heaven’ (if there is such a place). The first disciples were absolutely full of Jesus’ risen life – this side of the grave – the witness to which was the Holy Spirit poured out on them from heaven ‘just as the Father has promised’[3]. And then, as St Peter says, ‘just as you see and hear today!’[3] The Holy Spirit brings a touch of heaven to earth, here and now. Pray that we too, like those first disciples, may be full of the Holy Spirit and the Life that is Jesus Christ – that we may show the hope of heaven here on earth, even before we get to heaven!

[1] John 11.25 [2] Mark 12.27 [3] Acts 2.33