What is the main thing? – Vicar’s weekly thought

What is the main thing?

Your King is coming! That’s what the crowd outside Jerusalem saw that 1st Palm Sunday as they waved their palms (a symbol of welcome to a king even found on Roman Emperors’ coins). But King of what? Well the Kingdom of God of course, what else had Jesus spoken about and proclaimed since he began his public ministry? For Jesus, this Kingdom was completely the main thing – it was his Father in heaven’s intention that this Kingdom should come on earth as it is in heaven. The prophecies from Zechariah and Zephaniahspoke of a king humbly riding on a donkey, bringing peace from one end of the earth to the other, freeing prisoners in waterless dungeons, double blessings for those who come to Him as a result of the flicker of hope still in them, one who will calm even our fears, especially anyone who is weak and helpless. And all this, said Zechariah, would be because of a covenant sealed with blood. This begs many questions as we enter Holy Week. What is this Kingdom? Where is it to be found? If this is the main thing, what is it like? Why did it need the blood of the Cross? We were asked to tell the Easter story to the Junior School this week, and graphically did so in 14 scenes. In that story surface acts of service, deep love and compassion, passion (even anger) against anything that stops people coming to the Father, a power breaking powers, a freeing healing power over even death – all with a humility that has little to do with power as most people understand it. Much more could be said. As you hear the story this week, right through to the joy of Easter Day and the hope of heaven, let Jesus show anyone who hears this and hopes, what  this ‘main thing’ of Jesus is about, and believe!

Zechariah 9.9-12, Zephaniah 3.14-20