When Jesus speaks how do you answer? Vicar’s weekly thought for 14th April

When Jesus speaks how do you answer?

In the Jungle book the nice snake Kaa sings a song to Mowgli:- Trust in me – Just in me – Shut your eyes – Trust in me – You can sleep – Safe and sound – Knowing I Am around…… Now of course you should not ever trust the snake but this song came to mind when I was thinking about this week’s talk. Do we treat God’s words to us as though they come from Kaa or Bagheera, as something we can take notice of or not?

Mowgli didn’t always know who to trust and listen too, so got into difficult situations. We however have Jesus to guide us, but do we trust Him enough to obey?

If we trust God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit then why wouldn’t we do as He asks? His disciples learnt to trust Jesus and went to get somebody’s donkey when asked to do so. Maybe that’s the question for each of us today: Do we trust Jesus? Do we believe God when He says I will only bring good things to you?