Why Church? – Vicar’s weekly thought

Why Church?

Why do you go to church? What spurs you to come or what stops you from coming? In today’s life where there is so much going on, and so much to distract us, is church just another “club”, another thing to do or is there more to it? Hebrews 10 encourages us not to stop meeting
together. Revelations 22 calls the church the bride of Christ.

Wow! We not only have a Father in heaven who tells us to call Him “Abba” (Daddy) but we, as the church, are also the bride of Christ. Church is family. Church is where we can get to know Jesus more intimately, be part of His bride, make sure we stay on the right course with our faith and encourage and bless one another. The more we are part of this amazing family, the closer we walk with God and know His comfort and blessings in our lives. These in turn can flow out to others. Why go to church – to be a part of this amazing worldwide loving family. Looking  forward brothers and sisters to seeing you on Sunday!