YouTube service for 15th November

Dear all,

Worship turns from the sadnesses of Remembrance Sunday to the thoughts of celebration and feasts, not so much Christmas (although we hope that works out beautifully!) but ‘the table’ the Lord lays before us now and each day. Anyway, it’s based around Psalm 23.

Here’s the YouTube link, which will be posted from 9.30 am

Youth video – Here is the youth link to St Luke once more:

Eden says it’s about What’s with the Gospels? [Getting into the Bible]
One of the main reasons that we can struggle to read the Bible is that when we do, we don’t really know what’s going on. So here’s an overview of what goes on in the Gospels.

Children’s Resources – sadly we’re still not able to let you have any material on line, but we are working on it!

Blessings and hope you are encouraged by tomorrow’s worship