YouTube service for 7th March

Dear all,
For this week’s worship – we continue our series ‘The Jesus Story’ – this week entitled ‘What did Jesus think He was doing!?!…..’  (as He cleared out the Temple!)
We’ll be looking at our own question to do with Church….: How have you felt when you’ve come to worship or events at Church? Was it good or was it bad? And what do we need to learn for the future?

Here’s the link: and the service will be posted at 9.30 am tomorrow. This week is 54 minutes long – you keep sending in longer bits!

For children,here is the link to Virtual Sunday School – this week they’re heading off to the Tower of Babel :

Youth resources restart – St Luke’s youth worker Eden Hunter has restarted his videos.

Here’s the link to today’s on ‘What should I do with my future?’:   plus he’s been doing some fun onscreen drawing  wit a few others!:

The St Martin’s Garden Food Pantry – and in the service I speak about this new Food Pantry up on Odd Down – I explain in the service

Go well this week.