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YouTube video of Follow the Star A walk through Nativity

It is not the same as coming mind! Being here is an opportunity for some peace, the children find it so too.

It’s open 10 am to 7 pm everyday till Christmas Eve, and many have been through already, including all the children and pre-school children (sorry I didn’t mention the preschool children’s stars in the video – they’re the glittery ones at the very front above the scene)

And interestingly, you may see that it is a pretty safe space to come to if you are shielding……

Bookings are coming in for 24th so please book your slot – Letti and I are working daily on keeping up to date with bookings as they come in but would appreciate not having to work it all out at the last minute!!

SUnday 18th October Service on YouTube

Dear all,

Here then is the link this morning’s worship on the theme ‘God’s Love
for us’, this week’s question being ‘How and when have you known God’s
love for you?’

(sorry it’s late – the computer crashed mid-loading, so I couldn’t
finish uploading before the 4.30 pm service started)

It is Communion, so if you wish to have bread and wine ready at home,
please feel free.

Blessings today,


Sunday 11th October Service YouTube Video

Hi again all,

Here is the link to this morning’s worship, now on YouTube:

After the praise and thanksgiving of last week’s Harvest Worship we
share honestly over the question: ‘What are you finding really hard at
the moment, and how are you dealing with it?’

May you know the Lord’s own strength this week,


YouTube Service for Sunday 4th October

Hi then all,

Here is the link to this morning’s worship, now posted! Again just
before the 4.30 pm service!

Harvest Thanksgiving, with many answers to this week’s question, ‘What
are you thankful for?’

Blessings as you go into this week.