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Robert’s YouTube video for 26th June

Good morning all, on this day of our Quiet Morning

This morning we dwell on what it is to live in peace with each other
rather than judgement. To answer to the Lord and rely on his great power
– which raised Christ from the dead.

Here is the link:

I explain again at the end of the video how this may be the last of my
reflections (a bit of a day….), which I felt called to start last
March 2020. They have fed many, as I have discovered accidentally
sometimes. On my return from sabbatical mid-September we can see then
how, in that new season, the Lord wants to feed us (and I will play my
part as I can and feel called!)

Blessings in Christ,


Robert’s YouTube video for 25th June

Good morning all,

I come to what may be the last but one of my morning reflections which I have done most weeks for more than a year now. Please hear the end of my video as to why, although obviously with our holiday and half sabbatical coming up there would be a natural break anyway.

This morning is on how we continue to love one another, through the tough times, the current times of change and transition. The call to continue to put on the ‘clothes of Christ’

Here is the link:

Blessings in Christ today,